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Twitter Law

Twitter Law refers to the emerging discipline of legal jurisprudence concerning the use of micro-blogging platforms like twitter and all legal aspects and issues connected or associated in any manner whatsoever with tweeting, retweeting and other associated activities on platforms like twitter.

Twitter Law is a discipline that is just being born as we write. There is going to be an emerging of body jurisprudence around the use of twitter. Twitter Law aims to create more awareness about twitter Law and its various ramifications and aspects as it impacts a use of twitter and other platforms by people.

Twitter as a micro-blogging phenomenon has taken our attention by strong. From the early days of the Twitter when the people are twittering about their personal lives and Monday day-to-day activities they do, twitter is likely to evolve into of an effective tool for reaching out to potential customers clients businesses and also for dissemination of sorts ideas for the leading to advancement of human knowledge and consciousness. says that Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

Benefits of Twitter

There are a lot of benefits of twittering it allows any person to communicate in real time to any other person across the world.

It does not require you to have large honed literary skills.

You are also not required to be extremely well-educated to do twitter.

Basic knowledge of writing English or other languages as the time may disclose in the coming years, would be the only mere criteria for being on twitter.

It allows a lot of people to follow what you are saying by being your followers on twitter.

It allows constant immediate updation in a manner which no other chat or instant messengers have been able to do.

Every message is posted as a separate webpage and is available in the public archives.

There are various applications developing around twitter which have further enhance the usage adoption of twitter as a phenomenon.