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Welcome to the website of Twitter law!


TwitterLaw.Net – This website deals with all legal aspects pertaining to the use of Twitter and accompanying legal ramifications and manifestations.

In the year 2006, a small company was found which began a small initiative known as Twitter. Initially thought to be mere micro-blogging site, Twitter cought on the imagination of the netizens and the world at large. Today Twitter is becoming increasingly important as a social networking medium. According to a Nielsen study, Twitter has grown 1382% over the last one year and as in February 2009, is the most popular social networking platform.

The emergence and evolution of Twitter and its ready adoption by people can be demonstrated by the growths of the users of Twitter. The users today run into millions.

The use of Twitter as a social networking paradigm has changed the way we communicate on the Internet. Very often, Twitter is known as the SMS of the Internet.

140 characters is all that you have to write to communicate your views, thought process or ideas.

Twitter has emerged as the single most important tool for communication and is often considered as a killer application after the advent of e-mail.

There are a lot of legal aspects and issues surrounding Twitter. At the time when Twitter as a micro-blogging site began, not many people knew that its usage or computer adoption would bring across various legal ramifications. However with increased enhanced usage of Twitter, there are various legal issues that have emerged around the use of Twitter, Twittering, tweeting, and other various aspects of micro-blogging.

Herein lays the emergence of a new discipline of law. This discipline of law is called as Twitter Law.

Twitter law is an emerging discipline of law and would incorporate within its ambit various issues pertaining to, related or associated in any manner whatsoever with the use of Twitter or tweeting on various platforms not necessarily Twitter.

Twitter Law is the toast of the future. Twitter law is just beginning to evolve but slowly will form an integral part of the overall growing cyber legal jurisprudence of the world.